Cleveland Corrugated Signs

If you’re looking for lightweight, flexible, personalized signs that can get your business noticed and remembered, corrugated signs are what you need. And the best part? They’re super affordable!

Corrugated plastic signs (also known as Coroplast signs) are used to create a variety of useful signs. They are particularly popular in the sign industry for being affordable, durable, versatile, and highly customizable. They are typically 4 millimeters thick and have a hollow-fluted interior. This means they are plastic and waterproof, which makes them a more viable option than the typical cardboard sign.

The corrugated signs that we make here at L3 Sign & Image are our customers go-to sign type for yard signs, real estate signs, wayfinders, A-frame insert, door signs, room IDs, directional signs, etc.

Customizable Promotional Signs

Corrugated signs are also very flexible when it comes to placement and installation. Here at L3 Sign & Image, we make sure that our clients can maximize their signages by offering them as many display options as possible. Smooth, lightweight, and water-proof, corrugated signs by L3 Sign & Image can be hung from your walls using suction cups, velcro tapes, adhesive tape, or nails. They can also be framed, displayed on an easel, or inserted into A-frames. With corrugated signs, you have the freedom to promote your brand wherever and however you want.

L3 Sign & Image has been a trusted Cleveland signage provider for a long time, and over the years we have learned that signs not only have to look nice; they also have to stay that way for a long time. This is why we make sure our signs are produced with durable, colorfast corrugated plastic and the appropriate air-dry ink. This means the signs are dyed in colors that will not become dull or washed out. L3 Sign & Image knows the small details make a huge impression on schools, clinics, malls, universities, real estate, parks, offices, etc. We want to deliver that for you.

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