Westlake Foamcore Signs

Westlake Foamcore Signs

Westlake Foamcore Signs

Even if you haven’t heard of them, chances are you’ve already seen them around. Foam board signs are basically the evolved versions of cardboard signs. Foamcore or foam board is a material that consists of dense polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of paper. They are commonly used when making architectural models, mounting photographic prints, and of course, creating attractive business signage.

Temporary Signage

They are sturdy and light and have unlimited uses for practically all types of business, and they are very affordable. Here at L3 Sign & Image, not only do we make sure that your signs look great, we also see to it that they work for you. Our foamcore signs can have any design you want, so our team of artists, sign fabricators, marketing specialists and project managers make sure that you have the right design, on the right material, in the right shape and size, and at the most favorable location.

Whether you’re looking for foamcore signs for an office complex, school, college, dental clinic, retail store, restaurant, or supermarket, L3 Sign & Image is ready to custom-craft them according to your branding, business goals, and budget.

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