Having indoor company signs is a big part of creating a welcoming and informative space for your customers and employees. Each kind of sign has its own use and will help your customers and employees know exactly what’s ahead of them and what’s available.

What Purpose do Indoor Company Signs serve? An employees only sign

Depending on what your goal is there will be a specific sign to achieve that goal. Whether it’s promoting your brand, helping your customers navigate your business, creating a fun environment, and many more reasons. We’ll go over different types of signs and what their purpose is.

Floor Signs

Navigating a business can be a hefty task when your customer doesn’t know where to go. One easy way to help your customers and employees find their way around is with floor signs. Some examples of wayfinding floor signs are footsteps or arrows that lead right to the place they need to go. Not only can they show people where to go but they can show them where not to go. If there are restricted or dangerous places in your business a floor sign can quickly alert the viewer to that. 

Lobby Signs

The first part of your business that customers and clients will be entering is your lobby. If you want to create a good first impression then a lobby sign is a great option. Not only is it a great way to reinforce your brand, but it can make visitors feel more welcome. Having a well made lobby sign will give your business a professional look and stick in the minds of its viewers. 

Office Signs

Another great way of giving directions to your customers and employees is by using office signs to display arrows pointing in the desired direction. However, that’s not all they’re good for. They also mark what different areas are for, whether it’s a sign marking a bathroom or a sign that shows what door is an exit, they’re great for identifying rooms easily. 

Product Displays

With a product display you’re able to show off your merchandise to customers while also attracting them with a visually appealing design. You can both market your products and your brand at the same time. Product displays are also great for promoting sales or new inventory.

Wall Signs

One of the simplest ways to promote your brand is by using a wall sign. With custom and creative company signs on your wall you’ll be able to efficiently and effectively show off your brand to anyone walking by, leaving an instant impression on them.

The Value of Company Signs A wayfinding sign that says "this way please"

You really can’t put a price on signs, but there’s absolutely no doubt that they can really benefit your business. The company signs listed above are only a few examples of what’s possible for your business. There are many more options for you to help create an informative and interesting environment in your place of business. Here’s an overview of the signs we discussed.

  • Floor Signs – Good for navigating your business
  • Lobby Signs – Great for creating a good first impression
  • Office Signs – Excellent for identifying different rooms and areas
  • Product Display – Good for displaying your products and promoting deals
  • Wall Signs – Unique and creative way of promoting your brand

What Else is There to Learn about Company Signs?

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