As a business owner, you want to ensure that your sign is the first thing that catches the eye of potential customers. After all, it’s one of the primary ways that people will notice your business, and it should convey the message that your brand stands for. But with so many signs out there, how do you make sure that yours stands out? In this post, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for making your business sign unforgettable.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Business Sign

Steakhouse sign with light Start by choosing the right materials. While there are a vast number of options out there, not all will be practical or work for your business. If your sign is going to be exposed to the elements, for example, it would be wise to use a material like aluminum, which is durable and weather-resistant. On the other hand, if you are after a more traditional look, materials like wood and stone may be a better option.

Use Vivid Colors to Stand Out

Another way of making your sign stand out is by using vibrant colors. Bright, bold colors such as red or yellow can capture attention even from a distance. However, remember to use your brand’s colors for consistency in brand recognition. Also, remember to go easy on the colors as too many colors can make the sign appear overwhelming and disorganized.

Consider Adding Lighting Features

Lighting is an effective way of drawing attention to your sign, especially at night. It’s also a clever way of advertising your business to people passing by who may not be familiar with the area. Illuminated signs are more visible and make a stronger impression. There are different ways of adding lights to your sign, with LED lights being a more energy-efficient option compared to neon lights.

Utilize Creative Fonts

The choice of font is critical when making a sign, and it can say a lot about your business. Avoid using generic fonts like Arial or Times New Roman in your sign, as they do not stand out or capture the essence of your brand. Try using more creative and unique fonts that complement the colors and overall design of the sign.

Incorporate Shapes and Logos Into Your Design

Adding shapes or logos to your sign design can add a unique touch, making it more eye-catching. Using a custom logo, for instance, helps your sign be more recognizable and memorable, thus, increasing brand recognition. Also, shapes can be used to emphasize certain aspects of the sign message or artwork, directing attention to the most important parts. E.g., a coffee house may incorporate a steaming coffee mug into their sign.

Bar neon sign in yellow and capitalsMake Your Sign Visible From a Distance

Lastly, make sure your sign is visible from a distance. People should be able to read and understand your sign’s message from a distance. You need to know how the viewer would approach your business from different directions and ensure your sign is visible from all of them. A sign that merges poorly with its environment or is too small to be seen will go unnoticed and not bring in business.

Final Thoughts

Your business sign is more than just a wayfinding tool — it’s a representation of your brand. Once you have all the elements together, your sign will be an excellent and effective way of attracting customers to your business. Keep in mind that the sign communicates the brand message to people passing by, so ensure that it represents what the brand stands for.

L3 Sign & Image

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