Everyone needs an effective way of attracting customers to their business when they’re walking or driving by. Finding the right sign for the task isn’t as simple as just having the biggest one. Whether you need a temporary sign or a permanent one, it’s important to understand what draws someone’s attention before you choose a sign for your business.

What Image Signs and Graphics Work For You?

The first thing a potential customer will notice when they walk by your business is the sign. If it doesn’t fit a certain criteria then the odds of them acquiring your services, products, or even remembering your business is going to be severely damaged. Here are some tips for how you can create a custom sign that has mass appeal.

Color Scheme An array of colors

One of the most iconic parts of a business’ brand is their color scheme. If you don’t have one you should create one. Don’t just choose the flashiest colors hoping it’ll catch the attention of a passerby. Your color scheme should not only be cohesive, but it also needs to fit your brand. If you have a color scheme already make sure to utilize it on your sign.

Presenting Your Logo

If you have a logo, you should most definitely incorporate it into your sign. Advertising with your logo is an easy way of  instantly showing anyone what your business is. Even if the person viewing your sign hasn’t seen your logo before showing your logo will create a visual memory in their mind and help to reinforce your brand. The next time they see your logo anywhere there’s a much better chance that they’ll remember it because of your sign. Using different image signs and graphics instead of only text will create a much more visually appealing sign.

Dimensional Signs

Having a flat sign can get the job done when it comes to presenting your business, but why settle for just that? Incorporating 3-dimensional shapes and letters will help your sign to stand out. Just like a 3D movie, the image of your sign will pop out and attract much more attention than a flat sign. Having a dimensional sign doesn’t just apply to what’s on the sign itself either. Using a mount like a standoff or even hanging wire will make your sign even more noticeable.

Make It Simple

If your sign is cluttered with a lot of text, images, or colors it’ll make it harder for the viewer to quickly pick up on what your sign and by extension, your company is about. Make the text short, bold, and unique without making it too unique that it might be hard to read. Only put the necessary image and text on your sign.

Sign Placement A worker using a level indoors

Now that you have an idea of what your sign should look like there’s one last factor that’s also important when it comes to attracting attention. You need to consider how the people passing your sign will be looking at it and what the surroundings are. If you’re mostly trying to attract people that are walking by your sign then you should make sure the sign isn’t too high so that they don’t have to go out of their way to look at it, but you also don’t want it to be too low to where it won’t be as visible. If you want to get the attention of drivers then you’ll need to make sure that your sign is high enough to be visible from a distance but you also want the sign to be larger so it’s easier for them to read any text or see the logo on it while they’re passing by. If you have an outdoor sign where the sun is hitting your sign often you’ll want to consider a material that won’t reflect much of that sunlight and a position to lessen the amount of sunlight hitting it without obscuring the sign.

Looking For The Right Image Signs and Graphics?

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