Have you ever walked into a building and have zero clue of where you should go next? This is why interior wayfinding signs are so important for buildings and offices. Not only do they help your company appear to be more friendly to your visitors, but you are also helping your visitors, customers, and employees better navigate your building. Are you aware of the other benefits internal wayfinding signs can offer your brand? Let’s help you find out.

What are Interior Wayfinding Signs?

A ceiling mounted hospital directional sign highlighting the way towards the maternity wardThink about the last time you visited a shopping mall. Once inside, you can typically see several kinds of signs on the wall, floor, or windows. These signs all have a purpose to guide you to a certain area of the mall, whether it is to find the food court, emergency exit, or direct you to the restroom.

We are all thankful for these types of signs when we see them. They are called internal wayfinding signs.

Their purpose is simple: to take you from where you are to where you need to be within a building.

Finding one’s way in a building is a prerequisite for successfully fulfilling one’s goal in that building. Hence, wayfinding signage helps clients fulfill their goals.

Types of Wayfinding Signs

There are a few different categories within the term “wayfinding signage” that are important to know. Knowing them also helps you understand their benefits.

  • Identification Signs

These types of signs can tell your visitor when they are at the sales manager’s office, conference room, heading towards the exit, etc. By easily identifying where they are, they can locate where they need to be.

  • Directional Signs 

At the entrance of your building or office, every client is likely to ask: “Where do I go next?”. Whether it’s a visual array of colors on the floor pathway or some arrows indicating right or left, they are all directional wayfinding examples helping them get to their next destination.

  • Informational Signs 

You may understand the full impact of this signage if you have visited a complex facility and mistakenly bumped into a symbol that reads “employees only.” They make it significantly easier to inform visitors about a particular part of your facility.

  • Regulatory Signs 

The absence of regulation makes the workplace unsafe. That’s precisely why indications like “Restricted Area” are warnings that help your clients know where to stop.

Benefits of Wayfinding Signs

Getting started with wayfinding designs might seem tasking but the benefits definitely make it worth it. Let’s delve into some top benefits you will enjoy.

Brand Dominance 

Before brands like Mall of America became a buzzword for high customer visits, there was internal wayfinding signage on their facility. Such symbols communicate how much they value the people that interact with them. While employees interpret it as a safe working environment, customers interpret it as value for their time and money. Hence, the brand that communicates better has a competitive advantage.

Customers’ Confidence

Imagine preparing to visit a place and then remembering you got lost in the facility the last time you went there. That’s a turnoff. It reduces your confidence. Some customers feel exactly the same way if they can’t navigate your business facility. Think customer confidence versus timidity. 

Consumer Loyalty 

Consumer loyalty connects all the dots. People will fall in love with your brand if you provide an authentic and easily navigated environment. 

More sales 

Let’s end with this jaw-dropping benefit. The reason you want more customers to feel comfortable navigating your business environment is that you want them to come back again. And when clients get retained, you make more sales.

Emergency fire exit sign show the way to escape at the public area

Looking for Where to Find a Good Wayfinding Sign Company?

Finding a perfect company for your wayfinding symbols might be daunting. But, we have made it easy.

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