Whether you’re just starting your business or if your business has been running for a while, it’s important to find a unique sign that will draw in customers and help them to remember your brand. As helpful as online advertising is, having an attractive sign is a much easier way of promoting your business without having to spend a lot of extra time or money.

What Kinds of Signs Are There?

There’s an abundance of different types of signs made with different materials that you can get for your business, from an awning sign, glass signs, metal signs, and all the way to window graphics and more. Finding the right sign to fit your company can mean the difference between growing your business or hurting it. Here’s a few suggestions for what kinds of signs you can get that will give your business a unique look.

Light Box and Neon Signs

One of the best ways to shed a light on your business is with a light box or neon sign. They’re a great way to make your business stand out, especially at night. You can even use it inside to draw the focus of potential customers to your brand or whatever else you want to present. If you’re going for an older, more classic look then a light box sign would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to have a sign that appeals to the more modern taste, then a neon sign would fit just right. 

Awning Sign Coffee shop with awning

An awning sign is a great way to promote your business for multiple reasons. For one, it adds to the overall look and detail of your business by giving it a more complete appearance. Secondly, since an awning sign is usually spacious it’ll give you more room to advertise different things, like general business information, any promotions you’re having, business hours, and more. Last but not least, an awning sign is collapsible so they can be a better alternative to a more permanent sign in case you end up wanting to change it in the future.

Dimensional Sign

If you’re looking for a good way to make your business’ sign pop out at people walking by, then look no further than a three dimensional sign. They add more depth to your sign that standard flat signs don’t have. These signs are also great at catching the light and showing more detail because of their three dimensional appearance. You’re not just limited to using them as an outdoor sign either. You can position them on the corner of a wall inside to wrap around and be seen from multiple angles. 

Projected Image Sign 

One of the most creative ways to display your business’ name or any other important information is with a projector. Projected image signs can easily be manipulated unlike your standard signs. You can change the location of where you want to project the image at any timThe exterior of a hotele and you’re able to swap out what you want to use as your custom image without having to take anything apart. Even though some projectors may cost more upfront than a traditional sign you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Since it’s only a projection, it can’t be damaged and you won’t have to do any regular maintenance or cleaning.  

Want to Learn More About Signs?

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