Finding the right internal signs for your company might be more difficult than you think. They have multiple purposes and will be an important part of your indoor space. Working with the right image sign company will make the process easier.

The Different Choices an Image Sign Company Offers

Indoor signs can have a wide variety of functions. For one, they can display your business’s logo and branding. They’re a good way of showing not only what your company’s products and services are, but your brand’s values as well. Signs are also there to help guide visitors to the right department. Here is an overview of the different kinds of signs your company might use.

Office Signs

Office signs are one of the most common signs you’ll see in a business. One use is to outline what policies your company has and other vital information that employees and customers will need to know. They’re also a good way of boosting morale to help your employees accomplish what they need to.

Wayfinding Signs

The point of wayfinding signs are pretty straight forward. They help to guide employees and visitors to their destination. Whether it’s the exit, a bathroom, or to a certain department.

A public restroom sign

ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that there will be inclusive signs for every type of person. Some of the most common ones are wheelchair accessible bathroom signs and braille to help those with vision impairment.

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs are a great option for displaying your business’s name. Because of their 3-dimensional appearance they quite literally stand out and will attract more attention and stay in the minds of viewers much more than your standard flat sign. 

Window Signs

Window signs are a great way of spreading awareness of your company to a wider variety of people that walk by your business. You can get custom signs that are good at making the area more visually appealing with different graphic designs and art.

Door Signs

When you walk up to a door you want to know what’s going to be on the other side. This is the exact purpose of door signs. They inform employees and visitors which room has what they’re looking for. 

The Components That Make Up a Sign

Depending on the image sign company you choose, you’ll have different options for your sign. Now that you know the different types of signs, it’s time to learn some of the options you have for the signs themselves.


Signs come in a variety of different materials and each one has its place.

Vinyl is a flexible but durable thin plastic that is best used for banners, window graphics, or decals. Acrylic is a much more rigid plastic that can be transparent, while Foamcore is a material that’s made of polystyrene foam core and laminated on both sides with a coated-paper stock. Foamcore is much less durable than other materials which makes it good for temporary signs for meetings, events, promotions, or other short-term affairs.

Mockup sign outside of a shop


The kind of mount you want will depend on the type of sign. Standoff mounts hold your sign off of the wall to make it pop out. They’re great for acrylic signs and a good way to make your sign stand out. Screw mounts are a more standard way of mounting wall signs. They’re best used on hard surfaces and for signs you don’t plan on moving. On the other hand, if you have a sign that you expect to change out often then Velcro mounts are a good way to go. 

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