Is your bar empty? Have all your patrons hibernated in their comfy bar man caves? All you need are some cool bar signs to get them out of their living rooms and game rooms and back to your bar stools. We have some personalized bar sign ideas to make your bar stand out on the exterior and pop on the interior, like bubbles in a refreshing beer. If we’ve got you thirsty for more, read on.

Reel Customers in With Cool Bar SignsA Retro Style Sign In The Window Of A Fashionable Downtown Bar And Microbrewery

Cool bar signs can become iconic landmarks, signaling popular convivial spaces where locals gather to imbibe the spirits and relax with their friends. Too many people spend too much time looking at their phone screens. An outdoor custom neon light sign can draw in patrons. Channel letters can show off your establishment’s name and personality, creating an instant connection. Glass neon lights and signs are a cool feature of cosmopolitan cities and more effective in attracting customers than Google Maps markers. Flashy, bright, personalized signs are still recommended in Bar Marketing 101. Put your bar on the map with a blade sign, hanging sign, or cabinet sign. A customized awning is also a great option if you prefer a more low-key solution.

Bar Wall Decor Matters

The bar walls show off any establishment’s style, memories, and class. Besides the colorful clientele and staff’s rapport, that is. You’ll need more than branded beer signs to make it stylish. Wall art is a great option, but make it sturdy. Vintage metal wall art and tin signs seem to be all the rage right now. Retro metal signs can create a narrative for your brand-new establishment, with iconic elements from ages long gone or of a future that never happened. You can even use signs that belong to other activities: manufacturing and warehouse signs can give an industrial feel to your place. Add a funny twist to safety rules using custom-made icons and texts.

Functional Wall Signs

LED neon light signs are also an option if you want to keep things flashy. Reinforce your branding by lighting up your counter or the bar’s back wall with a neon bar sign, LED signs, or LED lights. Simple sign wall decor can help your customers better perceive your brand, products, and services: show off your trademark drinks, foods, and features with custom room neon lights or vinyl signs, or add a banner to highlight your current specials. On-brand, effective wayfinding signs are a must-have. Help patrons navigate the premises with restroom signs and staff area warnings, so they never get lost. Use the floor to direct your customers, too: to the bar, the restroom, and the door—the three cardinal points in any good establishment.

Funny and Cool Bar SignsImported craft beer sign on a building outside, sunny day cool bar signs

Depending on your patron’s style—wine glass aficionados or sports and beer appreciators—humor can go a long way. Think man cave signs. Announce “Happy Hour” with funny bar signs that spark joy in your patrons. Cover your walls with Instagram-ready quotes as a backdrop for the digital dependent, or add decals to a glass door with imagination and a little mischievousness. You can have temporary signs as party decorations for special events, seasonal festivities, or sports finals. A bar pub should be a fun place to hang out. So make it look that way.

L3 Sign Makes Bar Signs!

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