Every business needs ways to build its reputation, and putting up custom signs and billboards is a classic, tried-and-true method. Considering your custom signage is often one of the first points of contact a person has with your brand, it’s important that your sign has the capability to influence potential clients to invest in the services or products you offer.

Considering all the types of signage out there, lighted signs are one of the easiest ways to capture consumers’ attention and steer them toward your company’s products or services. Because of the lighting that gets incorporated into the sign, these signs tend to catch the eye of passersby more than a flat, static sign. 

Let’s look into how LED and lighted signs can enhance the overall perception of your brand and increase consumer traffic.

How Lighted Signs Can Boost Your Brand

In terms of marketing your brand, you need a cost-effective method that is sure to reach a large number of consumers. Here are five ways lighted signs can increase your brand awareness to potential customers.

1. High Visibility Rate

If you’ve been driving on a highway or walking along a busy city street, you know how easy it is to spot one of those brightly-lit billboards or lighted signs showcasing a company’s service or product. Displaying bright colors, flashing lights, and animated features will have potential customers gawking over your sign, increasing conversion rates for your business.

2. Boost Your ReputationSign of coffee on top in modern office

The more effort put into your sign’s visual appeal, the more people will associate your business as an industry leader. If consumers see that you’ve clearly invested time and money into marketing your brand, they are more likely to see your product or service as something worthwhile for themselves. Working with a custom sign company helps you increase your brand awareness without having to put in extra effort.

3. Quality Investment

When purchasing lighted signs, getting one with LEDs may be a bit pricier than the average lighted sign; however, the return on investment almost always exceeds the initial investment. While the sign itself can last for a lifetime, LED light bulbs can last up to several years, which means that you’ll only need to purchase bulb replacements once every so often until you choose to change or upgrade the sign. This makes digital LED signs affordable, cost-effective, and worthwhile in the long run.

4. Customizable and Versatile

Not only will owning a lighted sign give you a broad range of design options to choose from, but it will also provide you with ample opportunities for location. Decide whether your sign will be placed indoors, outdoors, in a corner, or in front of a tree. Then, pore over the endless choices that fit your brand’s style – will you have halo backlighting or your brand colors in neon lights? The opportunities are endless when it comes to working with a commercial signage company!

5. Environmentally FriendlyPurple text lighted Burger IM sign

Unlike other types of bulbs, modern LED lights are well known to be highly energy-efficient. Besides being 100% recyclable, LEDs don’t generate too much heat, meaning they can efficiently create light without burning excessive energy. Investing in LED signs could be the way to go if you want to lower your business’s carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

Need a Lighted Sign For Your Business?

Lighted signs greatly enhance your brand’s image and boost consumer interest. Luckily, L3 Sign & Image is here to help Northeast Ohio business owners with all their custom lighted sign needs. For more assistance with creating a custom lighted sign for your business, reach out to us at (440) 294-5604 or visit our website to receive a free quote today!