Choosing a commercial sign company is critical when trying to increase the traffic of your business. Ensuring your sign is attractive to customers is what makes your business successful. It is important to know the different types of signs offered by a commercial sign company to help choose the best fit for your business. Looking to learn more about the different types of signs that could be a potential fit for your business? Listed below are five sign options you can consider when trying to capture more attention.

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is a free-standing sign that displays the company’s name and logo on either one or both sides. Usually supported by two poles, this type of sign is more commonly made from aluminum or steel plates. Since these signs are free-standing and elevated from the ground, they can be an eye-catching advantage over other signs; however, because of this, they are more often found in areas with faster driving speeds.  

Monument Signs

A monument sign is another free-standing option; however, this sign is much closer to ground level. Monument signs can be made from stone, stainless steel, or other durable materials. These types of signs are great for businesses in a low-speed area. Because they are lower to the ground, this makes it easier for people to pass by and see the business. 

Channel Letter Signs

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional type of sign that displays a company’s name and could also include their logo. These types of signs are made from aluminum and acrylic. Channel letter signs are usually found on the exterior of a building which leads customers to the company.  

Blade Signs 

Blade signs usually are attached to the wall of a building, making them hang perpendicular. Made from sturdy aluminum, blade signs are a great way to catch the eye of any customer walking by.

Awning restaurant sign that is red and green

Awning Signs 

Awning signs are made from multiple different materials including aluminum, sunbrella, or protective polyester. Not only can awning signs protect people from unpredictable weather, they are a great way to advertise a business. Awning signs are found in many different types of areas.

Illuminated or Non-illuminated Signs

Having an illuminated sign for your business can be a great way for gaining attraction to your business. With their 24-hour visibility, it makes it easy for your business to gain appeal. Because not all areas allow illuminated signs, non-illuminated signs would then become the alternative. Although these signs are not as easy to view througho

ut the dark hours, they can come with many benefits. Non-illuminated signs can be more cost-effective when running a business. This can also be ideal for businesses only operating throughout the light of day. Non-illuminated signs can also be more versatile when choosing the style of your sign. 

Choosing Your Sign

Now that you know some of the various signs used by businesses, it is time to consider which sign that may be best for your company. When doing so, it is also important to choose a commercial sign company that can offer you many options to help your business achieve its goals. Along with options, it is critical to choose a company with strong capabilities. This will make your sign stand out from other businesses you may be competing with near you.

Light up bar sign thats red and on the side of the building.

Ready to Pick a Commercial Sign Company?

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