Warehouses can be fast-paced and even dangerous places if the proper safety protocol is not followed. But how will anyone know what is safe and unsafe without being properly informed? Warehouse signs ensure staff and visitors know where to go and where to avoid, and how to perform their jobs safely. Having clear signs designating things like pallet locations and safety hazards can be the differentiating factor between a poor-performing and disorganized warehouse and a quick, efficient location with few errors. 

Low angle view of tall shelving racks at a warehouse showing warehouse signs

What Are Warehouse Signs?

While it may seem obvious, warehouse signs play a vital role in a smoothly operating warehouse. Clear location markers help forklift operators perform their jobs quickly and efficiently, especially in locations that may reorganize and relocate stock on a seasonal basis.

Types of Warehouse Signs

Whether you need to help workers find an inventory location, direct traffic in the warehouse, or help staff find emergency equipment, there are a variety of signs that a warehouse may need to utilize.

Safety Signs

When thinking about how to clearly and quickly communicate safety policies and procedures to viewers, signs are an easy solution. Which signs and where they must be placed can sometimes be dictated by the fire department or OSHA, so always refer to their guidance to ensure complete compliance. These signs can bring attention to the locations of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, advising caution, or warning of vehicle traffic. 

Direction Signs

Warehouses have many people coming and going at all times, some who are operating machinery such as forklifts and others on foot. It is important for both groups to be aware of each other, and how to move around each other safely. Directional signs including traffic indicators as well as aisle, row, bulk zone, and dock areas can reduce congestion and allow workers to get to their destination easily and quickly. 

Why Signs Matter

Having good clear signs can be a huge asset to your company as a whole. Making an investment in good warehouse signs can produce a massive return on investment by protecting your number one asset: your staff. Additionally, they can improve daily workflows, and prevent the possibility of legal action needing to be taken. 

Benefits Of Warehouse Signs

There are some major benefits to investing in the proper signage for your business. When it comes specifically to warehouse signs, the biggest return on investment can be seen in a reduction of accidents and increased efficiency. 

Reduce Accidents

One of the most obvious benefits of increasing signage can be the reduction of workplace accidents. The basic nature of a warehouse and the actions performed within it can lead to a large risk of personal injury. Having signs indicating where someone should be and how to properly behave will create the safest possible workplace.

Increase EfficiencyTop view photo of machine that raising boxes

Clear signs for locations of various inventory and how to find it can make what was once a several-hour job into a job that takes only minutes. This will allow your production times to speed up exponentially, meaning you can complete more work in less time. This not only saves the company time and money that would have been spent on labor but can actually increase profit over time.

Need Signs For Your Warehouse?

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