A business sign is a strategic marketing tool. Whether you’re a small business or a larger company, they are a visual representation of you. A business sign can include vinyl decals, car magnets, office signs, feather flags, bumper stickers, metal signs, led signs, and canvas prints. When someone passes by your establishment, or if they’re inside, different displays can help them navigate the business better.

A Successful Business Sign is Functional

Several sign options are available, and their function will dictate your use. You can use retractable banners or a-frame signs to promote your business within a larger space, like a conference or a mall, or as a parking sign. However, putting one outside your business’s entrance on a busy sidewalk with limited space isn’t practical. To attract customers driving close by, it helps to have a large sign to grab their attention, such as custom banners or large outdoor signage displaying business information.

Restaurant awning signAdding smaller outdoor signs can be more effective in catching the attention of walking customers than larger ones, especially if you don’t have lots of space. Things like wall decals inside the establishment can also convey important information to the customer. Think about the goal you’d like to achieve with your display, which will help you determine the best one for your needs.

Successful Business Signs Are Visible

Custom business signs can help set you apart from the competition. Make sure your business sign is in a spot where people can see it. If it’s hidden by a tree, street sign, or something similar, it won’t do much to attract anyone’s attention.

Custom Signage

Consumers face a lot of decision fatigue when choosing between businesses. Custom signs with your name or facts about how your business operates (i.e. store hours) can make it easier for customers to choose you. A logo sign or sign for store hours is great, but a custom design can take it further by showing your personality. 

High-Quality Materials Make a (Positive) Difference

Blank sign hanging outside businessThe space of your business is prime real estate. You want to ensure that any sign you decide to use will be made of high-quality material. If customers see that your sign is made of good quality materials, they can expect your products and services to be high-quality. Exterior wooden signs convey sophistication, and a metal sign, like brushed aluminum, can portray an image of professionalism.bA long-term image should outweigh custom business sign costs when displaying a logo sign or business tagline.

Simple and Easy to Read

Low-quality materials are a problem, but overloading a sign can also be an issue. Effective signs display information in a simple, concise way. You don’t want to confuse your potential customers, so ensure your signs are created with this in mind, so they are not left with more questions than answers. It’s best not to put too much information on your signs. Any vinyl lettering you use as window signs shouldn’t clutter and display essential information only.

Let L3 Sign & Image Help You Create Business Signs That Deliver

It helps to have signs that effectively represent your business. Hiring a business sign maker like L3 Sign & Image can simplify the process. Whether you need outdoor business signs for buildings, shop signs for the interior, or your business backyard sign, working with a sign shop will help take your marketing to the next level.

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