A well-designed sign is one of the most versatile marketing tools your business can have. With a little creativity, you can use signs to achieve all sorts of marketing goals. Here are 10 creative ways to use signs in your business marketing.

1. Build Brand Awareness

One of the most important benefits of business signage is that it can help you build brand awareness and promote your business in a cost-effective way. Whether you’re using hanging signs, window clings, or custom sidewalk signs, think about ways that you can use signs to get your business name and logo out there, generate interest in your business, and encourage more people to do business with you. 

2. Use a Conversation Starter

Use your sign to pique people’s curiosity and start a conversation by highlighting your businesses interesting and unique aspects. For example, if you’re advertising for a pet store, you could have a sign that says “Do you know what kind of animal this is?” with photos of exotic animals. 

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website 

Make it easy for people to find your online presence by including your website address or social media handles on your sign. For example, you could include QR codes that people can scan with their smartphones to be taken directly to your website or social media page. 

4. Offer a Discount or PromotionOn Sale sign discount shopping business sign

Use your sign to offer a discount or promotion to encourage people to do business with you. Be sure to include any relevant details and expiration dates so people know what they need to do to take advantage of the offer. 

5. Announce a Special Event

If you’re having a special event let people know about it with a sign! This is a great way to generate foot traffic and boost sales in the short term. If you’re having a grand opening, you could have a sign that says “We’re open!” in the shape of an arrow directing people to your store.

6.  Advertise With a Business Slogan

Another creative way to use signs in your business marketing is to incorporate your business slogan into your sign design. Whether it’s a short and catchy phrase or an inspirational quote, using your business slogan on your sign can help you build brand awareness, promote brand recognition, and encourage people to do business with you. 

7. Use Eye-Catching Visuals

In addition to text, consider adding eye-catching visuals to your business sign in order to capture people’s attention and boost brand visibility. This can be anything from striking colors and bold fonts, to high-quality images and graphics that are carefully designed with your branding in mind. 

8. Provide Information About ParkingParking lot sign showing "park here" for business sign

If you’re located in an area where there’s limited street parking or paid parking garages/lots nearby, use signs to give people clear directions so they can easily find parking and make their way to your business without getting frustrated and giving up along the way! If there’s a paid parking garage nearby, you could have a sign that says “Parking garage located behind our building – enter on XYZ Street” with arrows pointing the way.

9. Target a Specific Audience 

When creating signs, it’s important to keep your target audience in mind. After all, what appeals to one group of people may not appeal to another, so it’s crucial to create signs designs that are specifically geared towards your target market. For example, if you’re marketing to young professionals in a big city, you may want to choose sleek and modern fonts and graphics for your business signs. 

10. Have Fun and Be Creative!

The key to effective business sign design is to have fun with it and be creative. Whether you’re using text, images, graphics, or a combination of all three, think about ways that you can use your business signs to grab people’s attention and provide them with valuable information at the same time. By thinking outside the box and coming up with clever ideas, you’ll be able to make a real impact with your business signage and stand out from the crowd.

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