Your restaurant’s menu board is more than just an information hub. It’s the first thing customers see when they arrive at your establishment, and it speaks to the quality of your food, drinks, and overall ambiance. Whether you’re looking to make a big statement, or simply provide patrons with easy-to-read menus, there are plenty of creative ways to showcase your restaurant’s offerings through a custom menu board.

What is a Restaurant Menu Board?Cozy coffee shop with an attractive restaurant menu board

A menu board is a visual representation of all the delicious items available in your restaurant. It can include entrees, appetizers, desserts, beverages, and more. Depending on the type of restaurant you have, you might also choose to include specials or discounts on your restaurant menu boards. Some restaurants even opt for digital displays that can easily be updated with new items and specials as needed.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Restaurant

When it comes to choosing a menu board for your restaurant, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost is the style. Will you go for something traditional like chalkboard menus, or something more modern like LED screens? Ultimately, this decision should reflect the atmosphere and aesthetic of your restaurant so that it complements, rather than detracts, from the overall experience.

Choosing the Right Size

Another factor is size. How much room do you have to display your menus? If space is limited then you’ll want to look into smaller boards, or displays, that can still convey all the necessary information, without taking up too much space in your dining area. You’ll also want to consider the cost. Digital displays may be more expensive upfront, but they can save money in the long run since they don’t require constant updating each time something changes on your menu.

What to AvoidBright open diner with minimalist design

When creating custom menus, avoid using fonts that are too small or difficult to read. Additionally, try not to overload your restaurant menu boards with too many items. It can be overwhelming for customers, and may leave them with decision fatigue. Lastly, make sure your prices are easy to read so customers can make informed decisions about what they want to order.

Final Thoughts

With the right menu board design, you can easily create a memorable impression and provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. By incorporating your restaurant’s unique style into the design, you’ll be well on your way to creating an eye-catching restaurant menu board that will help draw customers in and keep them coming back for more.

No matter what type of restaurant you own—from casual diners to high-end eateries—a custom menu board can help create an inviting atmosphere for customers while providing them with all the information they need about what’s available in your establishment. With so many options available today there’s no reason not to invest in a custom menu board that perfectly suits both your needs and budget. Not only will this help attract customers but it will also give them confidence that their meal will be as delicious as it looks!

L3 Sign & Image

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