First impressions are everything, especially in business. The way we look, our clothes, our facial expressions and body language, and the first words we speak are all things we, as business owners, obsess over during every encounter.

Proper signage, like acrylic signs, is often the first impression of your business when customers walk in. Yes, they may have heard about the business previously from social media or somewhere else. Still, when they physically see acrylic business signs, they immediately get a sense of the nature of your workplace. The first impression from your sign can have people asking questions like:  Is the business well maintained? Are they professional? Do their upkeep and cleanliness show keen attention to detail? 

Although customers may not know this information right away, their brains use it to make a snap judgment about your business. A good, clean, professional-looking custom acrylic sign immediately signals to customers that you are worth their time, attention, and money.

How Can These Signs Be Used?

Petitti Gardens acrylic signAcrylic signs are hard plastic signs; this versatile material can either be white acrylic or colored with different finishes. Custom acrylic office signs can fit any dimension and be displayed in multiple locations due to their flexibility. You have definitely seen them around – they are everywhere!

Because they are made from sturdy, hard plastic, custom office signs made from acrylic can be used indoors or outdoors, either on the street or inside your business. An acrylic wall sign outside the front door can attract attention, and good acrylic signage inside the business can give customers an impression of professionalism. They are durable and thick and can be made double-sided as well. It is the versatility of these signs that makes them stand out. The same signage in your business can be displayed at other events, maintaining consistent branding and communicating that you are someone customers should do business with.

Plexiglass is another term used to describe these signs because Plexiglass is a brand name of acrylic materials. Due to its strength and weight, acrylic can be thicker, too, giving a more permanent, professional look. There are two main options to consider when looking at acrylic signs. Clear acrylic sign finishes look like glass, whereas a frosted finish can be colored to match your company’s branding. Frosted signs also have a matte finish, which reduces glare.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic sign of burger icons and numbersSome great things about acrylic are that it is durable and looks substantial. Because it’s thick and hard, it is great for outdoor and indoor use. Acrylic is lighter and easier to display than glass for different signs, reducing installation costs and making it easier to put the sign exactly where you want it. 

Some cons for acrylic signs is that they can be scratched, burnt or melted, so make sure to position your signs somewhere they can keep their structural integrity, while also being seen by customers and clients. Putting an acrylic sign over a heat source may cause damage, so proper placement is key. 

Signs at L3 Sign & Image

L3 Sign & Image offers a variety of acrylic sign printing options to meet your needs. We can create whatever you might need, whether you need acrylic wedding signs, table numbers, door signs, wall signs, double sided signs, or anything else! We use quality materials and build your signs to last. 

Check our page on Custom Acrylic Signs for more info about our sign options for businesses and our free quote. Contact us today to find out everything that we can offer for you!