Lobby signs are a great, unique way to liven up any sort of entry to your company or business building. In addition to your outdoor company sign, lobby signs will enhance the atmosphere of your building and give a customer or client a good feel for your culture when they first walk inside. 

While you might not consider a lobby sign as necessary, any addition of lobby signage will add to the cohesive feel and vibrations of your company. With all of this in mind, there are plenty of different signs you can incorporate into your lobby, and we’ll discuss some of those different types here. 

Logo Signs

A lobby sign displaying your logo and business name may be one of the most simple signs you could incorporate, but are very effective in presenting your company culture and atmosphere. A lobby sign with your logo can highlight your brand identity and create the environment you want your clients and customers to perceive. This can also help in the other direction, and also make your employees feel like your organization is professional. 

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are made from plastic with a glossy finish that is very versatile. Since they are so versatile, acrylic signs can be cut and shaped into unique designs and aren’t limited by basic geometric shapes. Acrylic signs are great for a modern, technical look. Because acrylic is durable and resistant to weathering, they will stand the test of time wherever they hang.

Illuminated hotel sign on the building in night

Backlit Signs

If you have something fancier in mind, backlit signs are great for your lobby as well. Signs with backlights illuminate your brand, literally. Backlit signs will often have raised letters or shapes where lights underneath will shine through. With lights incorporated into your sign, your logo and letters will light up for a sign that no one can ignore. 

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is great if you need to save money or space. Since vinyl lettering can adhere directly to walls and glass, vinyl lettering can easily be installed wherever you like! A popular option for vinyl lettering in lobbies is having large vinyl print behind a reception desk for an warm welcoming. You can also put vinyl lettering on front doors to display your business name and address. 

Wooden Signs

Wooden sign in store that reads SportsIf you’re in the market for something more traditional or rustic, a wooden sign is another great option. Wooden signs provide a more traditional look for your company or business’s atmosphere. These lobby signs are a great choice if you want to provide a more casual feel, or if your business works with earthy products or services.

Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are also a great choice for your lobby. Electronic signs can also incorporate more than just your logo and company name. Electronic signs are versatile and their message can be changed over time. You can include different holiday greetings, seasonal reminders, company updates, and more. Electronic signs also give a more modern, technical feel to your lobby, and may be beneficial to any tech-related company working with computers or software. 

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