Indoor office signs are essential to any business, whether you’re showing your logo in the lobby or placing your name on the corner office. Signage helps customers navigate your location and promotes a consistent customer experience. It also helps to legitimize your business.

Selecting Your Indoor Signs

When it comes to which sign will be perfect for your office, there are several to choose from. Some of the most important are as follows; 

Lobby Signs

Closeup of a fast food order kiosk sign with a blurred background in the interior of a restaurantFirst impressions are said to be the most essential, and this is especially true for your company’s lobby. It’s the first thing a potential customer sees, and you want them to immediately understand who you are and what you do.

There are many possibilities for your lobby when it comes to indoor signs. Some of the most well-known are:

  • Metal signs—  Available in a range of metals with a brushed or polished finish. Metal signs are ideal for a variety of industries, including autobody shops, machine shops, and other industrial establishments. These signs are perfect for anyone looking for a tough or industrial look.
  • Acrylic signs— Available in clear or tinted acrylic, these signs offer a frosted glass appearance. Any business can benefit from the beautiful, clean look that acrylic signs provide. It’s simple to match your company’s color scheme with the option to tint them any hue.
  • Cut vinyl signs— If you’re searching for the most economical alternative, this is the sign for you, and they’re very customizable thanks to full-color graphics. If your company is just getting off the ground and you aren’t ready to spend on more permanent signage, these signs are a perfect option. In addition, cut vinyl signage gives you the freedom to customize your sign anyway you wish.
  • Backlit signs— With energy-efficient led lighting, these signs are sure to brighten up any space. These signs are ideal for businesses who operate throughout the evening hours, don’t have access to much natural light, or just want to make sure their logo shines

Whether you run a modest accounting firm or a major medical practice, it’s critical to set the tone of your business from the moment visitors come in the door, and there’s no better way to do so than with a lobby sign.

Wayfinding Signs

Entrance sign with direction arrow on the wall in modern building.These signs are an excellent tool for directing guests and giving them the ability to find their own way around your office without needing to ask for directions. These indoor signs eliminate the frustration of getting lost in an unfamiliar space. 

Wayfinding signs also aid in maintaining brand consistency throughout your workplace. These indoor signs for your office establish a sense of continuity and give your brand a stronger voice with a variety of materials, styles, and layout options.

Room ID Signs 

Room ID signs, like wayfinding signs, let your guests figure out where they’re heading. They keep your customers informed while also establishing the tone of your brand throughout your business. These signs advise your visitors on where they should go and what your company sells or does.

Wall Signs

After you’ve established your brand with your lobby sign and directed your guests throughout your business, you’ll need some eye-catching signage to keep your consumers engaged while they’re there. While other signs can provide information to your guests, wall signs can give your space some flair. Coming in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, materials, and styles, you can be as creative as you want with these great signs!

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