When designing a business sign, there are several elements to consider. Everything from size, colors, fonts, images and graphics to message or slogan must be carefully selected for maximum impact. It’s also important to take into account the location of the sign, as this can affect visibility and make all the difference in terms of how it is perceived by potential customers. Let’s take a look at what goes into business sign design

Size A neon sign advertising tacos glows red in the night

The size of your sign should depend on its intended purpose. If you are looking to attract passers-by with a large outdoor sign, then you want something big enough to be seen from afar. However, if you are looking for an indoor sign that will stand out without taking up too much space, then you may want to opt for something smaller. Either way, it is important to select a size that is appropriate for the location and purpose of your sign. 


Color selection plays an important role in creating an effective business sign. You want to choose colors that will contrast with each other and draw attention to your message or logo. Bright colors tend to stand out more than muted tones, but it is always best to test different combinations before making any final decisions. Additionally, consider using one color as an accent—this can help draw attention without being too overwhelming. 


Font choice can greatly influence how people perceive your brand or message. Sans-serif fonts tend to be more modern and contemporary while serif fonts offer more traditional vibes—so it is important to match the font style with the overall aesthetic of your business or message. Additionally, consider using bold lettering so that words stand out more clearly against busy backgrounds or outdoors in bright light conditions. 

Images and Graphics 

Images and graphics are great for adding visual interest and communicating complex ideas in a single glance. When selecting images for your business signs, look for ones that represent your brand identity as well as communicate the intended message clearly and succinctly. Simple graphics such as arrows or shapes can also be used effectively when combined with text and color contrasts appropriately.  

Message or Slogan

A clear message or slogan is essential for successful business signs—it should capture people’s attention and convey key information about your product or service in just a few words. Keep it short and sweet yet memorable so that passers-by remember it long after they have left the area where your business sign was located!  

LocationCafé Restaurant sign painted in gold on a dark background

The location of your business signs can also play a crucial role in their effectiveness; if they are not visible from far away distances then they won’t be noticed by potential customers who may not walk close enough to see them up close! Consider placing them at strategic locations such as intersections or high foot traffic areas so that they are easily seen by passers-by even if they don’t come directly up close for better views of them all throughout their journey outside!   

Designing effective business signs requires thoughtfulness and careful consideration of every element involved. All these elements must work together harmoniously in order to achieve maximum impact on potential customers who view them regularly. So make sure you pay attention to every detail when designing yours so as not to miss out on any opportunities due lack of proper planning beforehand!

L3 Sign & Image

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