No matter what type of business you’re running, it needs to be recognizable. Whether you’re a new business owner or have been one for a long time, you must dedicate some time to making your enterprise’s visual presence as attractive as possible. Having custom signs will likely play a big part in attracting new clients, building client retention and trust, and can elevate your business’ overall look.

What to Consider when Choosing a Sign for My Business?

Luckily, the custom sign industry has evolved greatly and the options available are almost infinite. Of course, things like budget and physical space available will limit your options, but aside from that, you can let your imagination run free. While outdoor signs can attract clients into your business, indoor signs can help send a message you believe is important to communicate, help clients find their way, or just brighten up your business’ look.

Types of Custom Signs

First of all, it’s important to split business signs into two main categories: outdoor and indoor. The materials, sizing, and objectives will most likely be different. Once that distinction has been made, your next step will be choosing the type of custom sign you want. To name a few:

  • Bar signsBlank hanging sign in hallway
  • Business signs
  • Electronic signs
  • LED digital signs
  • Neon signs
  • Small printed signs
  • Retractable banners
  • Acrylic signs
  • Lighted signs
  • Aluminum signs
  • Plastic signs
  • Window decals
  • Retractable banners
  • And many more…

Why Choose a Custom Sign?

Although signs, in general, are an important element to include in your business, the benefits that custom signs can bring usually outweigh those of generic signs. Not only do custom signs allow you to put up the exact sign you want, but your customers will be drawn to the fact that it’s unique.  Custom signs in your business elevate the space and show clients you put effort and energy into making their experience as pleasant as possible. Ready-made, generic signs are nothing new, and it’s highly probable that clients will ignore them. However, a one-of-a-kind, custom sign can catch someone’s attention and might even get them to walk into your business.

How to Choose a Custom Sign Company?

When looking for sign companies, there are some things to keep in mind:Blank circle sign hanging outside of business

1. The Products and Services They Offer

As mentioned, there is a wide variety of kinds of signs. Not all companies can make every kind of sign and might only specialize in specific types. If you have your mind set on a sign and don’t want to compromise, shop around and make sure you hire a sign company that knows what they are doing and can provide top-notch quality.

2. If Possible, Get a Free Estimate

It can be hard to understand sign pricing if it’s not a product you’re familiar with, so getting a free estimate from a company near you might help you get a clearer idea of what your budget can get you. Don’t forget to get estimates from a couple of companies so you can compare pricing and make an educated choice.

3. Check Online Galleries/Client Reviews

This goes for most purchases, but it’s important to make sure you can trust the company you’re hiring. Look at what other clients are saying, try to find images of work they’ve done. These steps will ensure you get the best custom sign for your business.

Contact a Custom Sign Company

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